Color, 1974, 87m.
Directed by Ernst Hofbauer
Starring Wolf Ackva, Puppa Armbruster, Sandra Atia, Astrid Boner, Rolf Castell, Elke Deuringer
Impulse (US R0 NTSC), Studio Canal (Germany R2 PAL) / WS (1.66:1) (16:9)

Schoolgirl Report 8Throughout the '70s, Germany had an unkillable franchise with this endearingly trashy series "starring many uncredited adolescents and parents." Originally conceived as a combination of real street interviews and staged vignettes about the trouble sexy schoolgirSchoolgirl Report 8ls get into when exercising their newfound freedom. The first film opened in 1970, and thankfully the country had a seemingly endless supply of free, happy, clothing-averse girls at its disposal, since they managed to churn out seven more entries in the next four years.

By this point the main themes had become very familiar: dealing in different ways with the loss of virginity, coping with the reactions adults have to sexual behavior, and of course, lusting after every guy in sight and getting into trouble. However, the man-on-the-street interview approach was gradually phasing out, and by the time this eighth film rolled around, it had been dispensed with completely. Instead the narrative device involves a bus ride for a two-week trip to the country, with the young female passengers ogling their (pretty sleazy, middle-aged) new male biology teacher. Once aboard, the girls swap stories about how their first and/or wildest experiences, kicking with a slutty blonde who flashes the family gardener in the greenhouse, nearly kills up by soaping up the bathroom floor, and finally lands him by interrupting him in the middle of a solo session. Then we have the story's most significant thread about a girl who decides to go all the way with her boyfriend, Jurgen, and gets pregnant without her parents' knowledge -- a fact that comes into play later in the film's climax. And how about the prim female teacher who learns to open up after nearly getting assaulted on the street, only to go home and hit the sack with her Schoolgirl Report 8rescuer, all set up by a couple of her students? Or the two students whose nude swim in a remote lake keeps getting interrupted by a perverted fisherman? Or even the resourceful daughter who decides to save her dad's job through the erotic use of his boss andSchoolgirl Report 8 a pool table? It all culminates in a big twist ending involving a fuddy-duddy daddy, an open-minded mom, two kids getting caught in the act in a tent, and a big surprise ending involving that biology teacher and one of the so-called schoolgirls.

While some of the entries in this series skirted into edgier and more graphic territory than you'd normally expect (especially the now-infamous third film), it's pretty much business as usual here: lots of T&A, silly misunderstandings, and not-really-teenaged girls slobbering all over creepy middle-aged men. It's all goofy fun and so very, very '70s down to the core, complete with that great funky Gert Wilden music they've been recycling over and over again. On top of that, this is the first official film in the series to feature the amazingly-named Astrid Boner, who had been acting in copycat films like this for a few years such as Cream - Schwabing-Report and Intimate Teenager. If topless Teutonic actresses pretending to be teenagers chasing goofy guys all over the countryside is your thing, it doesn't get much better than this.

By this point fans should know what to expect with this disc, which is bare bones as usual and features the longer German cut complete with some frontal exposure toned down in the American version, Naughty Coeds. The 1.66:1 anamorphic transfer looks about on par with the ones before it, though for some reason the opening titles look more battered and pale than usual (maybe because they kept reprinting the same stock footage over and over for each film). Otherwise it's pretty colorful and pleasing enough if unspectacular, presumably from the same source as the 2007 German DVD (which wasn't English-friendly at all); the mono German soundtrack features optional English subtitles, which are often hilariously bizarre and very, very quotable.

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Reviewed on April 4, 2012.