An all-new Sick Picks for March/April! Feast your peepers on Bloodmarsh Krackoon, LizardMan, The Legend of Six Fingers, Profile of a Killer, I Heart U, Psychophony, Sadie, and much more.



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A Jester's Tale Outer Space Walerian Borowczyk
Seizure Seizure Graduation Day
StageFright Space Raiders Black Angel
Prom Night The Boy from Space Prince of the Night
The Changes Sabata Grindhouse Trailer Classics
What's New Pussycat The Toxic Avenger Bloodsucking Freaks
Witness for the Prosecution Werner Herzog Voyage of the Rock Aliens
Birds Orphans and Fools Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker Peekarama
Green Ice Hell of the Living Dead Ghostlight
In Search of Bigfoot L'assassino Branded to Kill
The Essential Jacques Demy Curtains Sorceress
Remo Williams Cannibal Holocaust The Killer Reserved Nine Seats
Candy Shame Runaway Nightmare
Alain Robbe-Grillet Dr Phibes Screamers
Baby Rosemary Boys in the Sand Celluloid Man
Killing American Style Paper Tiger The Baby
Bloody Birthday Night of the Cobra Woman Bloody Moon

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